Edge Protection & Handrails

Edge protection and hand rails are important safety features for scaffolding. They help to prevent falls and protect workers from injury, and they are required by law on many scaffolding projects.

Edge protection is a type of barrier that is installed around the edges of a scaffold platform. It is typically made up of horizontal and vertical tubes and fittings, and it is designed to prevent workers from falling off the edge of the platform.

Hand rails are horizontal tubes or bars that are installed around the perimeter of a scaffold platform. They provide a secure handhold for workers and can help to prevent falls.

Both edge protection and hand rails are important for maintaining the safety of workers on scaffolding projects. They help to reduce the risk of injury and ensure that the scaffolding is compliant with industry standards and regulations.

At RCA Scaffolding, we offer edge protection and hand rail installation services. Our team is experienced in installing these safety features and can help you ensure that your scaffolding is safe and compliant.