Design & Calculations

Design and calculations are an important aspect of scaffolding projects, as they help ensure that the scaffolding is safe and structurally sound. At RCA Scaffolding, we have a team of experienced scaffolding engineers who are skilled in design and calculations, and we can provide custom solutions for even the most complex scaffolding projects.

When it comes to design and calculations for scaffolding, our team takes a number of factors into consideration, including:

  • Load-bearing capacity: We use advanced software and engineering principles to determine the load-bearing capacity of the scaffolding, ensuring that it can support the weight of workers, materials, and equipment.

  • Height and reach: We consider the height and reach of the scaffolding, ensuring that it provides adequate access to all areas of the work site.

  • Wind and weather: We take into account the wind and weather conditions at the work site, making sure that the scaffolding is designed to withstand these forces.

  • Site conditions: We consider the specific site conditions, such as the type of ground and the presence of any underground utilities, to ensure that the scaffolding is safe and stable.

Design and calculations are just one part of the comprehensive scaffolding services we offer at RCA Scaffolding. We're here to help you every step of the way, from design and engineering to installation and breakdown.